He turns to his colleague and asks him “What is that?”

“We have more number of cockroaches than students in here. They are also in the school kitchen. The Kids fall sick sometimes. But no one cares”

“Why is so difficult. You just have to use some sort of repellant”

“If only it was that easy. We tried, doesn’t work. But there is an old farmer outside the town,a couple of kilometres south, outside the village. He has some solution for it,it worked a few years back. But no one has the time to go and call him”.

He decides that he will visit the old farmer today after his work. He also hasn’t seen much of the town. After school,he starts walking south by the highway taking in the sights of the town. He passes through the main bazaar street, through the mosque,slowly the road widens and there are a few quaint independent houses with big lawns,the kind you find only on the outskirts of a small town. Its getting dark and there is a gentle winter breeze, sends a chill down his spine. Then he notices a shopping complex.

“Oh shit”.

He steps on some dung. He goes close to the shops,rubs his shoes to the edge of the gutter. Still there is some left, goes looking for a piece of waste cloth or paper to wipe it off. He finds a paper. Its windy. The paper keeps flying and he follows it for a while and finally he get holds of it, wipes his shoe clean and he looks up to realize where the paper brought him. The paper flew, strangely,from the main road where he first noticed it, through a small road in between the shops and through a small ground and stops bang in front of the entrance of it.

There it is. The theatre. The old haunted theatre. “Wow” He exclaims. He gapes at it. Its a huge imposing magnificent structure,,more so in the low light of dusk. He has never seen anything like it before. There is a solitary red light glowing in what looks like a ticket counter. He walks towards it. He also notices that one can easily miss the theatre as the shops in the front along with the trees hide it from the main road.

His mind is screaming only one thing.