Ever since he joined his new job at this small town, he longed to watch films. He always loved teaching kids. So he took up this assignment knowing he wouldn’t have a life outside his job. But he was ready to take the plunge. He was really excited about a laid back small town life. First thing he enquired after entering the town was about the theater. When he heard there is no theatre, he was shattered. He was a big film buff, even with his busy schedule he managed to catch atleast two films every week. He would watch them only and only in the theatre. It was a habit his father inculcated. They would go to films almost every other day.

As he was cleaning up the dilapidated library in the primary school, he found a few old local newspapers bundled up. He put them aside to sell them off later and continued cleaning the room. He suddenly saw something moving in the shelf and jumped back and fell on the news paper bundle. It was a cockroach. He immediately tore one of the newspapers and put it outside the window. He was about to throw the newspaper, when he saw that movie listing on it. Little did he know, that glance would change his life forever.

It was the district edition of the newspaper and to his surprise there were two theatres listed there. He immediately looks at the date. Its a 15 year old newspaper. He is excited, he runs to his colleague who is a native and asks him what happened to them. He said one of them has been converted into a function hall and the other is completely dilapidated and its in the outskirts of the town and he whispers

“Its haunted. Let’s not talk about it”.

He laughs it off. “Its interesting, I have never heard anything ever about a haunted theatre”. Something passes over his feet and he jumps much to the dismay of his colleague.”Oh my God! What the hell is this”. Its the cockroach again.