It was a beautiful evening. He took his son to the park. There were three hillocks in the park with well maintained grass on them. The birds were returning to the lake near the park. The moon had just started showing up. He was lost in watching his son play with abandon, going up and down the hillock, thinking adults can never do that. They can play, but not with abandon.

A couple on the other hillock – husband and wife got their puppy and all the kids in the park left whatever they were playing and were trying to cuddle it. Suddenly the wife turns her face around in shock and starts sobbing.

He looks in her direction and finds people slowly crowding around a stroller. He recognizes the kid in the stroller, his neighbor’s son, a specially abled child, possibly not as smart as regular kids(or may be more smart if we stop comparing apples and oranges). But nevertheless a jolly fellow. The kid is found mostly in the balcony of his apartment on his stroller most of the time along with his caretaker. May be he likes the outdoors. This is the first time, he has seen him in the park.

His son is still playing, going up and down the hillock. He knows something has gone wrong, but cannot muster courage to get up, go and see what happened. A lot of commotion is happening, people are passing water bottles,the kid’s caretaker is making frantic calls, may be to the hospital, may be to his parents. A lady from the park offers to help and the kid on the stroller moves out of the park, his mouth all bloody.

He looks at his son who is still playing, runs down the hillock and hugs him.