She was very inquisitive. It was her first movie in the city or rather her first movie ever. She lived all her life in the country side,a very remote village. Circumstances got her to the city. It was a radical change for her. Her village had no electricity and she was gaping at the screen all through the run time of the film.

This was the conversation she had with her “born-and-brought-up-in-city-never-seen-the-country-side” cousin after the film. She started it.

“Why did they say the story ended?”

“What do you mean? Its a story right. It has to end”

“But how do they know it will end, I thought it was weird.”

“What do you mean, the writer thought it has to end that way and it ended, what is so weird about it”

“I have never seen a film in my village, but we hear a lot of stories all the time. None of them have an ending, like they do end, but not like the film ended, closing every other option for her, the protagonist.”

“So you are saying, you never in your life heard a story with a clear ending.”

“Yes. All the stories we heard never ended, they did. But not like the one which we just saw.”

“That’s weird…”