“..But if while sitting quietly without any motive, or walking quietly by yourself or with somebody, you watch the trees, the birds, the rivers and the sunshine on the leaves, in that very watching you are also watching yourself. You are not striving, not making tremendous efforts to achieve something ...” – J.Krishnamurthi

There is something tranquil, mystical and deeply profound about a small bird clinging on to tall grass, just swaying by the BreezeĀ  Watching birds comes close to and some times even transcends the meditative experience. Sometimes you see them effortlessly floating over a lake. Sometimes swinging by the branch.Sometimes just seeing them take flight is a rewarding experience in itself. Many a time, it also seems to overcome the urge to capture it using our ubiquitous gadgets, pleasantly forcing us to live in the moment.

That Moment.

If you have experienced any of this before, you must watch these BBC documentaries on birds‘starring’ – Sir David Attenborough. Featuring one from the series here.