The Old Theatre II

  He turns to his colleague and asks him “What is that?” “We have more number of cockroaches than students in here. They are also in the school kitchen. The Kids fall sick sometimes. But no one cares” “Why is so difficult. You just have to use some sort of repellant” “If only it was […]

The Old Theatre I

  Ever since he joined his new job at this small town, he longed to watch films. He always loved teaching kids. So he took up this assignment knowing he wouldn’t have a life outside his job. But he was ready to take the plunge. He was really excited about a laid back small town […]

The incident at the park

  It was a beautiful evening. He took his son to the park. There were three hillocks in the park with well maintained grass on them. The birds were returning to the lake near the park. The moon had just started showing up. He was lost in watching his son play with abandon, going up […]

The End

  She was very inquisitive. It was her first movie in the city or rather her first movie ever. She lived all her life in the country side,a very remote village. Circumstances got her to the city. It was a radical change for her. Her village had no electricity and she was gaping at the […]